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grindle worm culture w/o soil

Greetings and happy holidays!

A while back someone mentioned culturing grindles on foam rubber floating
in water.

I had to try it, I have had a lot of trouble with mites in my cultures so I
decided to give the foam rubber a try!

I used a cheap plastic shoe box and a piece of 3" foam rubber cut to fit
the shoe box snugglie (sp?), I cut the foam about 3" shorter than the box
so adding water would be easier. The water level is within a about a
quarter of an inch from the top of the foam and the foam is pushed to the
bottom of the box. so the water level is about 2 inches from the top of the
box. The foam is kept wet by capillary action. I placed a couple of dozen
worms on the surface of the foam after rinsing them in fresh water to
remove any freeloading mites. I added a nickle sized pinch of crushed brine
shrimp flakes ( any good fish flake will do) near the worms and left them
alone. I keep the box cover on tightly. I check them every 3 days or so to
be sure they have food. To my surprise I found baby worms and tiny white
worm coccoons (eggs) on the sponge surface. I saw the eggs a couple of days
ago but figured they were just mold or detritus but after seeing the tiny
baby worms I am nearly sure they are eggs ( about half a mm and white ).

It is too early to say if this is going to work well or not but will keep
you all posted.

Happy Holidays

Paul J.

Paul Jarvis
mantis at midrivers_com