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Nais, Aeolosoma, or Dero

> Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 18:06:19 EST
> From: McDaphnia at aol_com
> With all the discussion of worms, pollution, parasites, etc. Why is no one
> raising Nais, Aeolosoma, or Dero? I've found the Nais (probably Nais communis)
> to be easy to culture, and I have fed kribensis fry on an exclusive diet of
> Nais as an experiment of sorts. They did very well. Cultured Nais grow to
> better than an inch even though three quarters of an inch is their normal
> maximum. Instead of the culture doubling every few weeks, it doubles asexually
> in three or four days. Nais is easy to find in duckweed. The other two smaller
> worms are found in blanket weed.

Okay, tell us more about Nais and the others.  

Are these fully aquatic?
Are they round worms, flat worms, segmented worms, planaria, ...?
What do they eat?

They appear to be free-swimming.  Is this so, and is duckweed a good
medium for them?

Tell us more, and let us know if you're still culturing them.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator