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Blackworm ID

>>         Now one suspicion I have is that I may have the wrong species.
>> These worms are black,
>> up to 1/4 inch long, have no visible segmentation.
>I would like to know what these little guys are.  They are definitely not
>black worms, which look like dark, overgrown, tubifex (although they are
>supposedly a whole different family taxonomically)   They sound ideal for
>small killies and dwarf cichlids.
>Bob Dixon

Hi Bob-

As I wrote to Wright, the question of what these little devils are is quite
perplexing.  In Texas, the LFS I worked at sold them as bloodworms.  In
Colorado they are sold, depending on the store you are at, as Tubifex,
blackworms or bloodworms.

They are up to 3/4" in length, about as thin as a .5mm pencil lead, maybe
slightly thicker.  In coloration they are a dark brown, almost black.  They
do well in water slightly deeper than they are, supporting Wright's
contention that they surface for air.  IME they live only at temperatures
in the 60's and below, but can last with a daily rinsing in cold water for
weeks in a fridge.  Again, no visible segmentation, even under the
magnifying glass.

As a side note, culturing attempt #4 has failed and the spouse has informed
me that until I have my own fish room, this will be the *last* attempt at
culturing these guys in our abode.

Wait till she finds the fruitflies and the earthworm cultures . . .