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Re: fruit flies :>)

Why not raise winged fruit lies? :>) A rotten banana near each tank. The flies
would circle the aquarium lights, and feed themselves to the fish! Caution:
Attempt this in your home, not at MY house. :>) Seriously the winged wild type
fruit flies do breed faster. They can be stunned by cooling them in the
refrigerator, but you have to wet them down quickly before they recover. They
are great to feed to small frogs. The totally wingless kind can crawl off the
water surface if the fish give them time. Winged ones -- wild, wrinkled wing,
paralyzed wing, all stick to the water surface, and are not likely to escape.
The wild type are also great if you're harvesting the maggots. Use a soluble
medium (instant potato flakes) that you can dump into a fine net and then
rinse out nearly all the medium, leaving a net full of maggots. Yum. :>)