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Non-member submission from [klaus.schoening at jungle_org (Segeberger)]

 I currently have a ten gallon with blackworms that has been set up for
three weeks.   I have a sponge filter that is elevated from the bottom
by about two inches.  I introduced daphnia to eat the bacteria and
cloudy stuff given off by the worms.   It seems to be working.  I threw
in a banana peel and the worms are living on the banana peel.  I think
you have to be careful overfeeding with this because bananas contain a
lot of sugar, but growth of both worms and daphnids so far has been
healthy.  I got the worms from Kordon, and they are free of those
nematodes you often get from the LFS.

->         Now one suspicion I have is that I may have the wrong
-> These worms are black,
-> up to 1/4 inch long, have no visible segmentation.  They are sold by 
-> LFS' as california blackworms.  The care recommended for them is a 
-> daily rinsing in cold water and storage in the refrigerator.

->         That last item is my second suspicion.  Is room temperature 
-> too hot for these animals?

->         Any help appreciated.

->         Andy