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Black Worms

>Yes, for any amount reasonable for live food. They have to either get
>their tail to the surface to get air, or the water must be very oxygen
>rich (i.e., cold and unpopulated).

I have the same problem as the fellow who originally posted the black worm
questions. Are you sure black worms need to get to the surface. I have
observed some of them that got away in my aquarium traveling through the
gravel. They seem quite happy and this is a good 2 weeks later.

>You could maintain 20-30 worms in the containers you mention, but I
>would use an airstone to try to increase oxygen. Feed sparingly or not
>at all at first. Gradually introduce a tiny amount of food (cheap fish
>flake food is good) and be sure it is consumed before adding more.
>Bacteria bloom will use up the oxygen and kill them quickly.

20-30 doesn't sound like much. 20-30 are consumed by my fish and newts in
one sitting!

I guess my other question is can they be kept in the fridge to keep them
dormant and fed as nessesary. I'd rather keep them alive for a long time
rather than culturing them and having most of my stock die before I can feed

Any other comments would be apprecitated.