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Pathogens and tubifex/blackworms


> It's way too labor and equipment intensive for any reasonable fish
> purposes. The guy I know who developed the above method (after trying a
> lot of failed ones) did it because he was convinced they carry fish
> pathogens (which they don't). He wanted "pure" worms. :-)
> Neither tubifex nor blackworms can carry any known fish pathogens,
> according to the head of the Vet. Pathology Dept. at Cornell. He's an
> avid aquarist, BTW.

I'd be interested of his opinion related to intermediate stages of
tapeworm.  I am definately not an expert.  However, I corresponded
with an expert in the "blackworm" field (he is a researcher and
consults on the side for blackworm farmers).  According to him, an 
intermediate stage in the tapeworm life-cycle can be carried by these 
worms.  It was definately *not* in his interest to spread this information 
around, so I'm inclined to believe it.

However, as I say, I'm not an expert and can only rely on those who are.  
Can you ask this prof's opinion specifically with regards to tapeworm?  
Perhaps he didn't think of this since tapeworm is a multi-lifecycle 
organism that requires multiple hosts.

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