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blackworm culture questions

        About two or so weeks ago someone posted a link on how to culture
blackworm, the http://www.carosci.com/worm.htm link.  I have tried
following the instructions on this
page but have only succeded in slaughtering more inccocent worms than I
ever thought
possible.  Here is what I have tried:

1. two separate tupperwares each with a portion of worms, about 3 inches of
water, slow
bubbling provided by airline tubing, no airstone, water change and rinse
once per day.  I
could not locate brown paper towels as the page recommended, so I used
recycled paper
towels.  Result: sludge in one week.

2. using large bucket in place of tupperwares, moving paper instead of
paper towels.  Feeding
the vegatable slurry part of daphnia delight.  Result: worm sludge overnight.

3. acrylic aquarium (4g), no substrate at all, faster airstone bubbling.
Feeding the same.  I set
this up today and already the water is getting that cloudy sludgy look.

        Now one suspicion I have is that I may have the wrong species.
These worms are black,
up to 1/4 inch long, have no visible segmentation.  They are sold by LFS'
as california
blackworms.  The care recommended for them is a daily rinsing in cold water
and storage in
the refrigerator.

        That last item is my second suspicion.  Is room temperature too hot
for these animals?

        Any help appreciated.


ps-the reason for the unconventional containers is that I am in an
apartment and somewhat
starved for space.