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The Live-Foods mailing list is a forum for discussing live-foods.  There
is no catalog.  This is not the address for a live-foods source.  

Email to the list from non-members is automatically rejected by the list

If you are interested in live-foods, please join the list and enter the
discussion.  Some members of the list may point you to live-foods
sources, but the list don't sell live foods.

To subscribe to the Live-Foods Digest mailing list, send an email to
majordomo at actwin_com with the following text:

subscribe live-foods 

in the body of the message.  The subject line is ignored.

Once you have auto-subscribed, you will recieve a notification message. 
Please wait for at least one day after subscribing before submitting
articles to the list so they don't bounce to me (the administrator) as
non-subscriber submissions (the list software doesn't immediately
process subscriptions).

The Live-Foods Digest mailing list is available only in digest format. 
Rich text formatting will not display correctly on any email reader that
I know of.  Please disable rich text when submitting to the live-foods
mailing list.  When replying to the list, please trim all unnecessary
quoted text and edit the subject to reflect the content of your reply.

My apologies to list members for this email.  This message is intended
for anyone searching for a live-foods source on the Internet.  The
Live-Foods digest archive is registered with all the major search
engines, and hopefully this message will be informative to people
searching for live-foods information and help them to find out how to
join the list.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator