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Administrative issues (Please Read)

We're about to start our third year of operation (I know, the list
started in August, 1997, but 1999 will be the third year this list will
be in existance).  I'd like to thank everyone who has been active (or
inactive) in this list for the interesting submissions and information
presented.  In the last year and a half, this list has gone from nothing
to a valuable source of live-foods information for hobbyists.

Keep the good information going, and please have patience with me if I
contact you regarding the formatting of your submissions.  As we
increase in readership, my administrative duties grow somewhat, so I'm
going to add a few general purpose requests that will help to keep the
list easy to read.

Please, oh please make sure to do the following when posting to the
live-foods list:

1.  Make sure to turn off "Rich Text" or HTML formatting.  Many emailers
allow you to do this on a per-recipient basis.  The Live-Foods list
cannot correctly display formatted text on any email reader that I know
of.  These messages add several pages of either HTML or gibberish after
the text, making the digest difficult to read.  If you forget to turn
off rich text, I will contact you as a reminder and will try to help you
if you need assistance.

2.  Make sure to trim unnecessary quoted text from your submissions. 
The easiest way to do this for me is to cut and paste to a new email
message.  Netscape gives you the option to "Paste as quotation" in the
Edit menu.  Doing this also takes care of bullet #3.  Unnecessary text
reduces the readability of your email by making it difficult to locate
new material within all the quoted text.  Attaching an entire LFD to the
beginning or end of your submission makes it difficult for readers to
locate others' submissions after yours.  If you attach an entire copy of
the digest to a message, I will contact you with a reminder to please
trim unnecessary quotations.

3.  Make sure to edit the subject of your post.  If you just hit reply,
the subject will be: "Re: Live-Foods Digest Vx #yyy".  The LFD lists the
topics of all submissions at the beginning of the digest.  Nonexistant
or noninformative subjects decrease the usefulness of the subject list
(but, I won't contact you personally if you forget to edit the subject

I'm working with the list owner (I'm the administrator, not the owner of
actwin.com) with a request for additional automoderation scripting.  The
goal is to return submissions with rich text attachments or with the
entire digest quoted.

If you read the digest from the web page instead of via email and are
not subscribed as a list member, please notify me so I can get you added
to a special list of members.  Since the list is automoderated,
non-members cannot submit to the list.  All submissions from non-members
bounce to the list administrator (me) for approval, and I usually edit
the message headers and forward them to the list.

Please note that the information on how to unsubscribe from the list is
contained in every list footer.  I will subscribe you or unsubscribe you
only in the situation where your subscription email address is different
from the address you are sending the subscription request from. 
Otherwise, I reply to all subscribe/unsubscribe requests with
instructions on how to subscribe/unsubscribe.

Okay, I'm done.  Thanks for listening, and keep the good information

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator