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Re: V2 #281 Bentley Christie

Bentley Christie said about bloodworms, "Theoretically if you could get enough
of these larvae to mature at the same time to create swarms of these 
midges, some mating would likely occur and potentially a large number of 
eggs laid back into your aquarium or whatever water vessel you happen to 
have laying around."

I did this years ago, by putting a reptile screen lid on a twenty gallon glass
front fiberglass aquarium and leaving about two inches of air space. This
produced such a large concentration of larvae that they could not mature to
full size and the new adults were smaller than normal.  

Bentley also said with what I regard as tremendous understatement, "Unless you
don't mind lots of midges flying around your house, this doesn't seem like a
very feasible idea."

Lifting the lid to harvest the "worms" released hordes of adult midges into
the fish room. They'd circle the light fixtures over the aquariums and fish
would jump out of the water to catch them. I had to empty every light fixture
in the house of dead midges every day. My wife was yelling at the kids because
she thought they'd left the doors open and brought the bugs in. Amen to
Bentley's, "this doesn't seem like a very feasible idea."