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Re: bloodworms

>I would like to know what is involved in making your own blood >worms. 
I have 7-bala sharks, and am extremely interested in finding a >more 
financialy effective way of feeding them.  sincerly:
                           Scott Jordison                           
Aldergrove   BC

 Hi Scott,
Bloodworms are actually the aquatic larvae various terrestrial flying
midges  (although I think that tubifex worms are also sometimes referred 
to as bloodworms - perhaps mistakenly).   Anyways, the midge larvae,  
which are fantastic fish food,  are difficult to rear indoors since the 
larvae must first mature into flying adults, which then must mate and 
lay eggs in a nearby water source. Theoretically if you could get enough 
of these larvae to mature at the same time to create swarms of these 
midges, some mating would likely occur and potentially a large number of 
eggs laid back into your aquarium or whatever water vessel you happen to 
have laying around. Unless you don't mind lots of midges flying around 
your house, this doesn't seem like a very feasible idea.  During warm 
weather Chironomids (another name for bloodworms) can be reared in huge 
numbers outside in any tub of water left to sit in your yard.  This is 
also a great way you attract lots of other fish goodies such as mosquito 
larvae and Daphnia.
I hope this helps.
Good Luck.
 Bentley Christie
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