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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #280 Re: landscape cloth Re: bloodworms

I selected my landscape cloth because it was half price. I noticed I could
easily breathe through it, and it had no odor. Yes, it is intended to block
sand from under the filter plate and especially from sand running up the lift
tube and through a water pump. I've used this test (breathe, smell) on some
other brands, but obviously you have to buy them first. I tried it on a couple
tanks with regular gravel. I can only observe not explain, but the cloth clogs
rapidly when used with gravel, but has not yet clogged on the 29 I set up
several years ago with sand.

I have raised bloodworms in good quantity. the adults are a problem, ending up
in light fixtures throughout the house. Some people are allergic to them. I
understand that most people allergic to dust mites are also allergic to
bloodworm larvae. bloodworms grow on shallow mud flats in lakes. Lake Erie
near me has huge clouds of the adults that sometimes reach land and stop
vehicular traffic with their bodies.