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Re: Low bbs Hatch no light

>>>>> "r" == ruddigar  <ruddigar at home_com> writes:
r>   I know it is recommended to use 2L pop bottles to hatch bbs, but I
r> don't have a way of keeping them at a constant temp. over 70F. Would
r> just placing these bottles in the heated tank work?

Putting the bottles in a heated tank works very well, but I wouldn't
use a tank with fish in it for fear of an accidental spill.

To keep my hatching bottles at a constant temperature, I use a
styrofoam fish box I got free from my LFS. In the box I have a rack
built out of 1x2 lumber that holds two 2L bottles, and a 25 watt light
bulb in a porcelain socket. I adjust the temperature by sliding the
lid more closed or less closed.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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St. Paul, Minnesota
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