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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #260

Hi Jason, I can't answer the question why light is important to hatching bbs,
in one sense. I don't know the mechanism that makes it important. Maybe it's
that the light encourages some single celled algae to hatch, providing food
for early hatched nauplii and removing nitrogen waste products. Maybe not.
Maybe bbs have an internal clock that is stimulated by light or that they swim
phototrophically toward the light and escape their remaining shell in the
process. Probably not. I have noticed that cultures set up with light have
higher hatch rates than ones that are in a darker area near the water heater
or furnace. I should have said it makes a difference in the hatch rate.
'Don't know why it makes a difference; it just does. I did not mean to make a
metaphysical statement.