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Feeding the live food

Regards to all,
Let me begin by saying that I am impressed by the openness and generosity of
knowledge on this forum.
I have begun growing three types  of worms to feed my fish; black worms, grindal
worms, and white worms.
The black worms are cultured in 65 degree F water ( the temperature of my basement
) with a hand full of carbon granules at the bottom. I am using strong aeration
and changing water whenever the water begins to cloud up. I have experimented with
several foods for the black worms, but the best I have found so far is cheap dog
By the way, somewhere I  read that paper makes a good substrate for the worms.
When the paper breaks down it makes an awful mess. I went back to a more or less
bare container with just a hand full of carbon granules to  help keep the water
from fouling to fast.
The Grindal and Whiter worms are in houseplant potting soil in plastic sweater
boxes at 65 degree F. I have tried different uncooked grains goldfish pellets and
dog biscuits. The worms sometimes eat the grain ( they seem to like oatmeal,
uncooked) but sometimes won't touch it. They won't touch the fish  pellets until
they start to rot. They devour the dog biscuits with very little waste.
Some of my fish will not eat anything other than the  worms that  I am raising for
them. I am concerned that the dog biscuits may not be a balanced diet and may,
therefore, reduce the nutritional value of the worms.
Comments and suggestions are  welcome.
Harvey S.