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Fwd: Live Foods Digest V2 #257

Jason wrote

>I have am hatching bs in a four gal tank.  When I started it I added
>three gals of water, three tblsp aquarium salt and three tsp epsom
>salt.  The first week was great!  I had enough to feed my pygmy corys
>*and* my apistos.  Now, however, in the second week, I barely get enough
>to feed my corys.  
>	I did a gal water change a few days ago and replace all the water I
>siphon out wiht new water (w/ salt).  I have two airstone in the tank,
>one at each end and the temp. is about 76F (use a heating pad an low to
>heat the tank).

>	Any suggestions on how to get my yeild back up?

Instead of adding such a great quanity of eggs at one time, add one or 
two teaspoons at first, then as you begin harvesting the shrimp add 
another teaspoon every second or third day.  This way the water does not 
foul with shells and dying shrimp and the shrimp have a higher 
nutritional value being newly  hatched.  If you query is about keeping 
them alive and culturing my advice is don't.  Raising BS is an adventure 
in itself and you can find yourself devoting as much or more time to this 
effort than the fish.  Better to buy adults from the store.  Also, try 
decapsulating the eggs first before hatching.  This process seems to 
eliminate many of the eggs that aren't going to hatch and reduces the 
fouling of the water.   

Frank Hillman