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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #257

Dear David, Share information on an open forum? Contemplate that in all its
permutations. I am happy to share what I know personally about live foods,
raising fish, fixing or getting the most out of aquarium equipment, finding
speakers for aquarium clubs, Whatever you ask that I know firsthand. When
there is a cricket, jade bug, Tenebrio, question, I refer you to my son's
email. Orin runs the "bug rooms" in this house and his apartment. He is the
one who sets up several cultures to experiment with and find out the answers
to questions like how long does it take for an egg to hatch. He likes to raise
"live food" for its own sake. If you find any neat web sites about culturing
tropical roaches, especially from England. Please share them. My son doen't
mind that we feed these pets of his to our fish. In fact, he turns over juicy
jade beetle grubs and others that don't meet a standard, just like we cull our
fish. I have some web sites that carry information, parts of which you may
find useful, but remember, you will be like a cichlid person in a goldfish
site. You may receive varying levels of tolerance if you interact. For anyone
with fish, though, it is not a huge step to keeping some of our native aquatic
insects. They are a good way to quickly eliminate your culls.

 I don't have any proprietary secrets. I share what I know and refer you
elsewhere when I know someone else with more direct, involved knowledge. I can
understand some people with a business may feel the need to keep their
secrets. I won't question their right to do so, maybe their long view I'll
question. In fact I've been in that situation where I discovered independently
somebody's secret and shared it, reaping their anger and frustration. Feels
kind of odd to feel like I've been placed on that other side.
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