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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #250

Lots of people visit Amish Country near us (northeast Ohio) to buy stuff, take
pictures of buggies, etc. One of the foods you can buy is natural cider
vinegar. Out of an open oak barrel. They have a gadget to draw the vinegar
from under the surface because yes vinegar eels are all over. If you ask for
vinegar from the top, they won't sell it, and act like they think you're a spy
from some alphabet agency. There are some anyway in what you can buy. My
understanding is that the eels eat the mother of vinegar, which converts wine
(broadly speaking) to vinegar. Some people add a chunk of apple to their
cultures, which doesn't seem to do much. Adding hard apple cider in moderation
does rocket the amount of eels present. A speaker on live foods named John
Chapek, tells of adding eels to a bottle of wine he received. It was half
empty, so he topped it with water, added the eels and set it on a fish room
shelf. It was a great culture, even after John's brother came over, grabbed
the bottle and drank some of it. John said don't tell his brother. He didn't.