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Daphnia Source

Hi John:
     I was hoping somebody close to you might respond, but I havn't seen
anything on the list.  I bought a culture of Daphnia at a killie auction
last January, and have kept them going both inside and outside since
that time.  Use green water to feed them, and get prtions for a few
tanks almost daily.  I live in Wilmington, Delaware, about two hours
from you.  Would imagine that since daphnia like cool temperatures, they
should still be able to ship at this time of the year though I have been
trying to avoid that hassle.  If you have not had a private response and
are still looking, let me know.
     I just moved a twenty gallon long into a sun porch today.  Want to
see how long I can keep a culture going out there.

     On a different subject, does anyone know how to attract the
critters for glass worms.  I am going to leave some plastic containers
outside to see how the daphnia do and what else might end up in there.
Suspect that since glass worms are a fly larvae, if they have not been
laid in a body of water by now, they won't be.  What type of pond would
I look for them if collecting?
     Finally I thought about bringing in some pond mud to see what might
emerge as live food.  Know it might have nasty critters as well, but
does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.  Now I will go back and hide under
my rock.   George