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You'll need to resend this.  Your subscription hadn't been processed
before you sent it the first time.

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> In this climate zone, brine shrimp can be raised to adult outside in kiddie
> pool from March to November. I would guess you could extend that by putting
> the pool(s) against the house and making a glass or clear plastic lean-to
> around them. One of the saltwater club members who has done this for years,
> got a couple old picnic tables free, no seats left, and set a kiddie pool on
> each one. These would warm up first in the spring and get a head start to
> extend his season. The pools can be left out year round. Try Canadian eggs
> you live in a northerly climate. They will winter over and reproduce in the
> kiddie pools.
> Inside, I am more familiar and sucessful with Daphnia, getting larger
> than I could with brine shrimp in much less space.

David W. Webb
Information Security - Texas Instruments
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