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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #243

Hello Frank,

I have always used corn meal and *active* yeast for microworm culture.
One has to add only a few grains of the dry active yeast and it will
multiply and feed the "worms". Also, the culture does not smell, if one
does not consider a very slight fruity odor a "smell". Without addition
of yeast, sometimes I have had a "mighty potent" odor. I guess that it
depends on which bacteria get a foothold. Yeast seems to prevent rampant
bacterial growth.

I add the yeast to the wet or cooked, (unbleached) cornmeal a few hours
before adding the microworm starter culture, to give the yeast a chance
to start multiplying. It works every time!



> Subject: Active or Deactivated Yeast for Microworm Cultures
> I have read numerous articles about culturing microworms.  The articles
> have been fairly consistent with the exception of one area--type of
> yeast.  There seems to be a down the middle split about which type to
> use.  Does it even matter?  And why?
> Frank Hillman
> www.greenlawn.net
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> End of Live Foods Digest V2 #243
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