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Re: Active or Deactivated Yeast for Microworm Cultures

Frank writes:

> I have read numerous articles about culturing microworms.  The articles 
>  have been fairly consistent with the exception of one area--type of 
>  yeast.  There seems to be a down the middle split about which type to 
>  use.  Does it even matter?  And why?

Active, but it should be included in your "Starter Culture".  They are usually
kept in a medium of samp bread, damp cornmeal, or some other damp cereal
product.  The yeast grows on the creal, and the microworms then eat the yeast.
Cultures tend to go sour in about 6 weeks, so when I am keeping them, I start
a new culture the 1st of each month.  When the old one dies, the new one is

Bob Dixon