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Microworms and grindal starters


I'm a gy from Portugal and i'm currentlly looking for these starters: microworms and grindal worms!! I had them in the past but they eventually died due to paranormal fenomens :)) Seriouslly, they died due to extended vacations and, i confess, mistreatment of those cultures...i'm pretty repented, so, i'll ask for other chance!! The last time i had a tremendous dificulty to find a kind donour, so, try to ese up thing for my side and be generous, i onlly want something to start with!! I can trade with vinegar eels, the onlly culture i maintain these days......if you can help me write to my mail adress, you'll help my famine hungry fishes to surpass this aproaching rough winter (hehe, heaters don't count, the effect is psicologic)  ::))) 

Take care,

Francisco Alcobia