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Green water

okay, maybe I am denser than suspected, but I don't seem to be able to
culture green water.  Here's what I did--
1st-read the faq on green water at the Krib
2nd-set up 10g using water from an established aquarium, turned on 18" 15
watt Coralife trichromatic bulb 24/7 over tank.  Added air via small
airpump and airstone.
3rd-let sit for a month.
4th-reread faq, added a couple of cat salmon treats.
5th-waited three weeks, then wrote this.

The tank turned white after adding the cat treats (ammonia I presume) adnd
has a small amount of algae layered on the glass.  The color/description of
the water is slightly turbid.  The only hint of green is if I peer through
the sides which have algae lightly frosting them.  One snail found his way
in and is happily clearing tiny trails through the algae on the glass.

What am I missing?  How do I get green water?  I'm headed back to the Krib
for another look, but would appreciate any help.

Frustrated in Colorado;