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Re: pH of tank water

> From: Charles Harrison <csharrison at primary_net>
> Subject: Re: pH of tank water
> Does anybody's fresh water fish tank water have a pH of 9 or higher??
> This is just the topic I am responding to.
> And just how do you keep the tank water at this pH?

Yes. I have measured that on the ultra-soft water from Hetch Hetchy in
Palo Alto, for example, even after considerable standing. With the
aggressive posture of EPA on copper-pipe-lead etching, it is becoming
pretty common. 

It may eventually drop as atmospheric CO2 is absorbed, sometimes, and
certainly as tank acids overcome the buffering. Meanwhile, it is a
constant problem at change time for some of us. That's just life in the
bureacratic state, I fear.

Also, when I was keeping *Lamprichthys tanganicus* I kept the pH right
up there artificially. You can't believe how little ammonium/ammonia it
takes to kill them, too.


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