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Re: pH and ammonia, Who said ammonia anyway

This is Charles Harrison in St. Louis

	I would like to interject the relationship of ammonia in our fresh
water systems is less than trivial. Ammonia does not exist at measurable
amounts at pHs we consider safe for our fish.
	Free measurable ammonia does not occur is water with a pH below 10.
Do the calculations yourself. Just remember that the amount of cation
charges and anion charges must balance, and ammonia in not ionized, it is a
gas dissolved in water. This kind of talk sounds like some kind of Witch
Craft, John.

	>From: John Clare <clarej at tcd_ie>
	>Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #212

	>The presence of large amounts of ammonia retards growth in a lot of
	>organisms and daphnia are no exception, but the slow/little
movement tends
	>to suggest the presence of nasty ions in the water, usually metals
	>pipework or the treatment works. There are really a lot of
	>here, and it could be as simple as a build up of waste metabolites
in the

Dr. Charles H. & Sue E. Harrison
The Corgi Palace in St. Louis, Missouri