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Re: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #211 -- Daphnia

Hello Stephan,

> Hm. I haven't measured anything. I just tried to rear Daphnia magna > in an outdoor tank, which had become green during some weeks before. > Well though these stayed alive, they became rather lucid and 				> reproduced rather slow.

Could it be, that the water was too warm? My Daphnia reproduce best
below 22 oC. Ceriodaphnia, on the other hand, do better at higher

I have conducted an experiment: In one of my containers Ceriodaphnia got
contaminated by Daphnia. Instead of discarding the culture, I just let
"nature take its course". During summers Ceriodaphnia held the sway, but
in winter the Daphnia came to the fore. It was interesting to watch!