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RE: feeding daphnia

Feed you daphnia by using the water from an established tank, it will have
food <protozoa> in it your daphnia will eat.
As a matter of fact that is about all I use to maintain my moina. You can
also lightly sprinkle some powdered egg layer food in the water with the
daphnia. In a day or two the water from the fish tank and the powdered food
will have produced PLENTY of food for your daphnia culture. DON'T over do it
with the powdered food though. You don't want to pollute the water!

> James Eller
> 	Feeding Daphnia
> Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 00:16:38 -0700
> From: ternay at dimensional_com
> Subject: Feeding Daphnia
> I accidentally dropped the container of Daphnia food I got from LFS,
> spilling it all.  I am wondering what I can feed my daphnia as an interem
> food until I can give them appropriate food.
> I am trying to cultivate green water in a 10g tank, lit 24/7 by a 18" 15w
> Coralife trichromatic bulb.  There is an airstone in the tank and the
> water
> was water from a fish only tank from water changes.  This has been up and
> running for four weeks and the water is clear with no algae visible and
> not
> the slightest green tint.  How much longer should I expect to wait for
> green water?  Is there anything else I need to be doing to encourage its
> growth?
> The material LFS supplied with the daphnia states that I should not feed
> the daphnia yeast.  Is this meant to apply to the long term, or is it okay
> to feed daphnia yeast to tide them over until I have a more substantive
> food source for them?
> Andy