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Re: Earthworm chow

> Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 22:27:22 EDT
> From: Je3 at aol_com
> In a message dated 9/21/98 4:01:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Owner-Live-
> Foods at actwin_com writes:
> > Try used coffee grounds (paper filter and all) and tea leaves or tea bags.
> >  Worms love them both.  I don't know if it keeps them up at night
> multiplying,
> >  but you can get a lot of worms on these feeds! :-)
> >  
> I would be cautious of getting the bed too acidic. Coffee grounds in
> moderation are probably ok but I wouldn't dump a lot in every day. 
> Red worms prefer almost nuetral soil.  

Good point.  My worm bin gets eggshells and other non-meat non-greasy
kitchen garbage.  The eggshells never break down entirely, so they are 
probably neutralizing the excess acidity.