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Miniature red worms


I have been lurking for many months because others were more knowledgeable
about subjects involved than I, But  earthworms, especially red worms are
some thing I am familiar with.

When you buy a starter culture or red worms youwill have a predominence of
large wormsbecause thats whast fishermen want. However If you raise  them
you will always have a goodly  supply of tin worms. Worms are egg layers and
the hatchlings are tiny. There is no easy way to separate out the small ones
except to pick them out by hand. Don't worry this will not disturb the rest
of the colony. They will continue to do what worms do best----eat sleep and
make mary. Foods can vary from peat and cornmeal to cardboard,leaves,
manure(best) or other organic material. Red worms like a somewhat moist
environment that is also quite loosely packed. Ugh to the manure? Just
dedicate a pair of rubber gloves to the culture maintenance and harvesting
part of the culture handling. A 5 gallon pail makes a good culture start
size. Your local bait store can also give you tips on maintaining a culture.
Hope this helps.