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Re: C. chuna fry

Baz writes:

<< So thanks everyone - I didn't get to the bottom of culturing 
> infusoria, but I DO have 100 fry, 3-4mm long, healthy, growing 
> fast, and can be seen actively foraging for those nasties from my 
> garden tub.  Thanks all. >>

Another crisis averted.  Congrats on your successful spawn.  But you did
indeed get to the bottom of this infusoria culturing thing.  For you, the
answer is a tub in the garden.  To say that only one, scientifically
controlled, sterile, one-species only culture can be considered a true,
successful infusoria culture is silly and overly restrictive.  If you are
getting the food you need for your babies from a source you can replicate and
rely on, no matter how serentipitous or unintended, then you are successful in
your goal.  A microscope would probably show you lots of cool stuff that you
can identifiy from photos.  This culture will also be closer to what fry eat
in the wild than anything you could get from a contrived culture.

soulse I have used to get infusoria in the past is the big round vats at the
local waste treatment plant.  I had a buddy who was the chief chemist there,
and if I needed something in a hurry I would call him.  He would bring me home
a quart of "sludge" in a canning jar, and I would dilute it to a gallon, keep
a light over it, and feed fry for several weeks on the little critters
contained therein.

Bob Dixon