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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #189

At 03:58 AM 9/19/98 -0400,  Wright Huntley wrote:
>Having heard somewhere that there were dwarf strains available, I hope
>someone on the list can point me to a way to get some. I'll even chop
>cardboard if I can find genetically small enough ones to really be worth
>raising for food.

Actually, Wright, I dragged all the way thru the seven page discourse on
raising worms that you pointed to yesterday and the guy explains a couple
of ways to raise very small earthworms.   They are the same old red worms
species, but they are very phenotypically plastic and in a dense, high-food
content medium grow about 1" long by very, very thin.   No idea how thin
tho.   Worth reading the whole (overly long and folksy) thing.

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