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Re: feed your earthworms

Hi Simone,
	If you really want to have a strong viable culture of any live
food, it needs to be fed. Earthworms are no exception.  I have wondered
around searching for the "Best" food for white worms, grindle worms and red
wigglers. I have found that processed oat meal with a small amount of yeast
works the best for me in my fish room considering  temperature and weather
conditions soil conditions, etc.
	The best medium for red wigglers is chipped corrugated. Cardboard
box material cut into centimeter squares. This cardboard also makes great
food for the worms. They will reduce it to compost in time.
	I have tried peat moss, leaf mold, composted peat, potting soil
mixed with various amounts of peat and composted peat, at least 5 types of
composted soils for household plants and green house plant culture.
Cardboard box material cut into centimeter squares makes a culture which is
unbelievable. No or very little soil. Just chips, water, worms and some
instant oatmeal with some yeast. Oh, time is also a big requirement.

	This procedure will give weekly handfuls of red wigglers in 4 months.

Charles Harrison