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Live food for Colisa Chuna fry

Non-member submission from ["Baz" <m00mt700 at mcmail_com>]   

From: "Baz" <m00mt700 at mcmail_com>
To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:24:45 +0000
Subject: Live food for Colisa Chuna fry
Reply-to: bwatts at mcmail_com

Everyone from this group was so helpful with suggestions and advice 
on culturing paramecium and on other ways to feed my C Chuna fry, I 
thought you might like an update on the spawning of 6 September.

The infusoria culture failed again, so no food from that source.  
However I did float the idea of using filtered green water from 
that old tub in the garden and got some useful suggestions. Well....

Without a suitable culture, it was drastic measures or lose them all. 
So I filtered a pint of rather smelly water from that old garden tub 
through some fine mesh, to remove any obvious nasties.  The result 
was water absolutely teeming with "things"!!  I poured this in 
real slow, then a few hours later did a 20% water change.  I have 
been doing this for 6 days now - and the fry - now 10 days old, are 
taking finely ground dry food, and will undoubtedly be ready for live 
brine shrimp in a day or two.

So thanks everyone - I didn't get to the bottom of culturing 
infusoria, but I DO have 100 fry, 3-4mm long, healthy, growing 
fast, and can be seen actively foraging for those nasties from my 
garden tub.  Thanks all.

Barry Watts
\><((((('>     Baz   <')))))></