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Re: white little critters

>Subject: white little critters in an earthworms culture

	I too also have an infestation of these mites. They float in a
water wash and it is possible to rid the culture of them for a short while,
but the infestation begins to compete for food and space. All of my fish
ignore them, even the Epps. and other top feeders. I do feed dry food which
the fish take from the surface.

	I am wondering if there is a way to rid the culture of them. Sorry
Simone, they don't seem to be very good food. They must not move much on
the water surface.  I have been successful raising too many of them on
instant oat meal cereal.
	One of my successes with eliminating insects around the house has
been with a growth regulator "Sectochloro". They say it causes the insects
to molt out of their cycle and kills them. Anyway, no fleas for years with
out problems with fish etc. even with the chemical all over the house,
anybody with experience with this stuff?

>They were all moving in the ground, not bigger than 1-2mm they are all
>white and have little legs, the body is long and thin, but they are not
>worms or not the kind of worms I know.
>Can anybody help identifying? I was thinking about giving them to my fishes
>even to my fry seen the dimensions. The other thing is: does anybody know
>how to culture them? Simone Vicini (svicini at lcnet_it)

Charles Harrison

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