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Re: Live food for Colisa Chuna/Honey Gouramis

>>>>> "BE" == Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs_toronto.edu> writes:
BE> Another way of providing tiny food for all kinds of fry, even very small
BE> ones, is to have a lot of plants in the tank.

I'll second this recommendation. I have raised two crops of Pygmy
Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia pygmaea) in a planted tank in my
office. These fish take a couple weeks to grow large enough to eat
baby brine shrimp. I fed them APR during the week (explained later)
and they got no attention on the weekends and did just fine. I'm
currently raising a batch of M. pygmaea in a planted tank that, to be
frank, I forget to feed except every couple days I remember to throw
something in for them. They are doing quite well.

Another idea for feeding the Colisa fry would be to use a product the
Rainbowfish crowd swears by. Commonly called APR (Artificial Plankton
& Rotifer), OSI makes an invertebrate food, Micro-Food, that is great
for tiny fry. Rainbows are top-feeders and a _tiny_ amount of APR
(like 1/8 of the little spoon that comes in the package) is sprinkled
on the water a couple times a day. You should be able to get OSI
Micro-Food at a good LFS or via the mail order places.

I apologize to the readership for the diversion from strictly
live-foods content. Back to my fruit fly cultures. :-)

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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St. Paul, Minnesota
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