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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #173

In a message dated 9/8/98 2:02:10 PM Mountain Daylight Time, Owner-Live-
Foods at actwin_com writes:

>  I  really need a 
>  microscope, but with a x20 hand lens these P's are about 
>  0.2mm long, roughly oval, with a circular spiraling, whirligig sort 
>  of motion.  They gravitate towards the bottom of the tank - which 
>  Dave suggested is uncharacteristic of P's.  Is this enough 
>  for anyone to suggest what I've got?  Incidentally, the culture was 
>  seeded, as suggested in one book, by simple exposure to air for a few 
>  days.  I suppose airbourne P's spore would be the seed.
I would guess they could be moina or daphnia, but that is just a guess.

Bob Dixon