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Daphnia magna - thank you & Aeration question

Hi all,

I received my first Daphnia magna culture in the post yesterday from
LFS cultures in Mississippi (I live in Ireland). I mailed the order on
Wednesday the 26th of August it took 12 days. About 80% of the Daphnia (I
ordered a large culture - the 10$ one) survived the ~6 days in a
multi-layered bag within a box. I also received adequate
(even if I don't really need it) documentation on how to take care of them
(from what I've been told by another internet customer of LFS, they didn't
always send good information). I'd like to thanks all those people who
helped me in my search for D. magna (all members of the list): George
Slusarczuk, Andy Ternay, and especially Julian Haffegee. Thanks guys :).

I also have a question about aeration (I've read the archives but there
are many conflicting opinions on this). I have cultured Daphnia pulex in
moderately aerated and unaerated conditions, and have found that the
population is at its best in unaerated conditions. The directions supplied
by LFS seem to bear this out, but they say that D. magna does better in
aerated conditions. Has anyone tried (like I did with pulex) running two
identical cultures with and without aeration? 


John Clare


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