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Re: Live food for Colisa Chuna/Honey Gouramis

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From: "Baz" <m00mt700 at mcmail_com>
To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 13:23:23 +0000
Subject: Re: Live food for Colisa Chuna/Honey Gouramis
Reply-to: bwatts at mcmail_com

Thank you all for your tips.  My gouramis are now spawning in 
just a few inches of water - they seem happy.  The infusoria culture 
continue to worry me though. Dave Gomberg cast enough doubt on my 
"Paramecium" (P's) , now I think I probably am culturing something 
completely different - and possibly harmful.  I  really need a 
microscope, but with a x20 hand lens these P's are about 
0.2mm long, roughly oval, with a circular spiraling, whirligig sort 
of motion.  They gravitate towards the bottom of the tank - which 
Dave suggested is uncharacteristic of P's.  Is this enough 
for anyone to suggest what I've got?  Incidentally, the culture was 
seeded, as suggested in one book, by simple exposure to air for a few 
days.  I suppose airbourne P's spore would be the seed.

Dave - thanks for the P's site info. I can confirm the site: 
http://zfishstix.cs.uoregon.edu/zf_info/zfbook/cont.html will tell 
you all everything you need to know about P's and Zebrafish!

I cannot locate P's seed cultures in London - no luck.  Any Londoners 
here can help?  As for microworms (thanks Alysoun),  my text books 
say these are larger than newly hatched brine shrimp - which are 
already way too big for new c chuna fry.  Do you harvest yours very 
young or is this a different species?  Again, no luck with microworm 
seed cultures in London.

One final question to the assembled grey matter here.  What do you 
think would be the food value of that thick green water in the old 
tub in my back yard, that has been brewing all summer? Filered 
through fine cotton mesh, do you think c chuna might go for it?  Or 
would I be introducing more problems here?
bwatts at mcmail_com
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