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Re: Infusoria culture.

Baz writes:

>I have tried the usual method infusoria culture, decaying vegetable 
>  matter in a large vessel and let the culture develop.  When placed 
>  into the tank, the paramecium can be seen whirling around, usually 
>  around the bottom of the the tank, but little evidence of the fry 
>  feeding. <snip>
<snip>Some of the fish talked about here as food fish must produce fry 
>  as least as small as my Honey Gouramis.  What do you feed your 
>  tiny fry on?  And any tips on culturing infusoria?

Anabantid fry tend to stay near the top.  If the paramecia are present, your
culture technique is not the problem.  But if they are near the bottom, then
your fry won't find them.  Change your setup.  Set up a submersible heater at
the bottom of the tank.  Use sponge filtration.  See if you can get the pair
to spawn in 6 inches of water.  Then after the fry have hatched, lower the
water level another inch or so.  Then the fry and their feast will be closer

You might also try establishing a daphnia culture in the tank after a week or
so.  You have to remove the tending parent or he will eat the culture.

Bob Dixon