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Re: Food for colisa chuna

>I recently joined the group after experiencing problems raising
>batches of colisa chuna - the Honey Gourami.
>I tried some of the commercial preparations (Tetra Liquifry), which
>only produced masses and masses of planaria worms.  Whatever
>the text books say, these certainly DO kill fry.  I have a large
>hand lens and have watched planaria fall onto fry, attach
>themselves. The fry then goes into a spiral nose dive and is soon

>bwatts at mcmail_com

You might actually be feeding them too much.

I've consistently had a lot of drop-off with colisa chuna.  At first, I
thought it was from insufficient food, but when I increased feedings, I
ended up (like you) with an explosion of planaria.

Increased frequency of water changes was a huge boost to the survival rates
for my latest brood.  Then I went on a two-week vacation, and lost most of
them.   For the next, I plan to remove the gravel, so it will be easier to
remove decaying material.  And easier for them to find their new favorite
food, microworms.

Mine are just big enough to show their stripes now, and they loooove
microworms.  At least, they much prefer them to frozen baby brine shrimp.

Alysoun McLaughlin