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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #169

At 03:58 PM 9/1/98 -0400, RaySim asked:
>I have tried the usual method infusoria culture, decaying vegetable 
>matter in a large vessel and let the culture develop.  When placed 
>into the tank, the paramecium can be seen whirling around, usually 
>around the bottom of the the tank, but little evidence of the fry 

I am concerned about your description.  Paramecia should be just about
invisibly small, not so big you could see them whirling around.   And altho
they are motile, they are just barely motile.  Not whirlers!   So I think
you had something else.   You need a microscope to check out what you have.
  And you need a lot of them to feed.

I found a great source, more than you wanted to know about raising paramecia:


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