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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #168

<< But the sheer volume of water needed to maintain
 enough guppies to match one pair of convicts, which produce 200 fry as
 as rain, every ten days, that's a lot of guppies and a lot of tank space. >>

With mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) I reckoned I could count on one baby per
breeding female per day (Obviously the size of the females is a consideration
here.). So to have 200 fry every ten days I would have set up twenty females.
I wouldn't hesitate to put twenty female Gambusia plus perhaps five males into
a twenty gallon aquarium. The nuisance factor comes in collecting the babies
and, for Gambusia at least, keeping the adults from gobbling the babies. I
kept large numbers of Gambusia in a small pool (virtually just a tire rut
lined with plastic) in my community garden plot. In that setting production
far exceeded my needs and collecting babies was a piece of cake. They formed
big schools on the surface and could be skimmed up with a large aquarium net.