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RE: Live Foods Digest V2 #167

I have had hatches of Danios that have had <honest> survival rates to 2
months old that were up to 75%. I have supplied a few local stores with
enough that they didn't order any from their wholesalers for months. I have
had single batches of fish that have had 200+ fish to the size of 1/4 inch
<3 - 4 months>. This is no way to get rich but it is fun to do and fairly
easy. I always traded the fry to the LFS for tanks and equipment. Thats how
I got to where my uncle and I had over 300 tanks between the 2 of us. He and
I lived about 3 houses apart when I was growing up. <ancient history from
the 60's> ;)

Jim Eller
je3 at aol_com  or  jeller at ford_com

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> 	Raising fry as food
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> Subject: Raising fry as food
> >*Macropodis opercularis* (Paradise Fish) will produce about 300-500
> >young per week per pair, and also don't need sub-tropical conditions.
> >
> >With Guppies you only get a few each time. With the Zebras like I
> described
> >you will get 300+ fry and the fish don't really try to eat the eggs.
> >
> >Danios, and certain cichlids, will produce more fry per week (make that
> more) than
> >guppies will per month.  They are really easy to spawn, and really easy
> to
> >raise the fry up to the size you want.
> Either these numbers are inflated, or I'm doing something *really* wrong.
> I've raised each of the above (except danios) and never had that kind of
> return.  Not enough to 'pay for' the effort that goes into them.  Initial
> spawn, yes... but not surviving fry, after a few weeks.
> What are your actual survival rates, to a size that they'd be useful food
> for a large fish?
> Alysoun McLaughlin
> Wheaton, Maryland
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