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RE:Zebras as food

I used to raise Zebras in low shallow <approx. 6 inches deep> pans that held
5 gals of water. In the pan bottom I placed about 2 inches of glass marbles.
In the pan I put 6 or 8  mature fish. The fish scatter their eggs over the
marbles and fall down among the marbles and the fish are unable to get at
them to eat them. I remove the fish after 5 days. After this I just let the
fry hatch and feed with infusoria for the first week or so then bbs and
flakes. This will work and supply you with a fresh supply of food for your
other fish. It has been a few years since I have done this so maybe others
can elaborate further. GOLDFISH  and White Clouds will spawn in a very
similar fashion. Plants or spawning mops can be used. Rubbermaid tote boxes
of about 10 gal size will work for goldfish. The benefits of spawning
goldfish or white clouds are that the don't require any heaters. Zebras may
require heaters to keep the temp above 75 degrees.

Jim Eller
je3 at aol_com  or  jeller at ford_com

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> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:03:56 -0500
> From: William Vannerson <William_Vannerson at ama-assn_org>
> Subject: Live Foods Digest V2 #160 -Reply
> >>get Zebra Dino fish (striped and similar to minnows) and breed them in
> a tank.<<
> This strategy would also reduce the risk of introducing disease, which
> could be a problem with purchasing bait fish.  It also could be fun!
> Bill Vannerson
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