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Re: unsightly worms

Thank you for your reply...

I realize the comments were vague.  However, I was having trouble finding
resources on the web, and I was looking for some direction as to what it
might be, and whether it was likely to cause any benefit or harm (other than
its unsightliness).

As for providing a picture -- I'm not that curious.  I'm also not a student
or scientist, merely a hobbyist, and I don't an interest in, or access to,
the kind of magnification that would allow me to give a greater description.

From the information you provided, I understand that it could be a grindal
worm, a microworm or a planaria.  Is this correct?  Is there a simple way
for me to tell the difference?  Also, I have heard that fish don't eat
planaria.  Is this correct?

It's partly academic, because I cleaned up the tank and sucked the worms off
the side in the process.  I also set up a filter, so if the worms were
dependent on the mess in the tank, I won't see them again.  However, I'm
just beginning to feed with microworms, and I'm wondering if uneaten
microworms will grow and climb up the sides of the tank.  I hope not... it's

Alysoun McLaughlin