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Re: [none]

From: "Barry Barlow" <bbarlow at camcomp_com>
To: <Live-Foods at actwin_com>, <Owner-Live-Foods at actwin_com>
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #145
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 04:36:07 -0400

I think this was on the live foods list not this digest


PS I unsubscribed from said list because of porn before mentioned so I
not have received this message if it was this list, I read therefore I can.


-----Original Message-----
>Date: Tue, 04 Aug 98 19:37:54 PDT
>From: "Keith Gregg" <greggk at planetc_com>
>Subject: [none]
>hi list
>the first one who sent that porn was eva678@hotmail.
>so that is who to wright to is commentquest at hotmail_com   because spam is
not to be on hotmail
>keith gregg