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Re: Tubifex culturing

George writes:

> My current method is quite similar to your friend's: I boil and decant
>  garden peat moss about four times, to reduce acidity. Unboiled peat
>  apparently is too acid -- in my hands the worms die in it. Put about
>  1/2-1" of the peat on the bottom and add Tubifex. I have *very light*
>  aeration to take care of overfeeding.

Would a clay soil work?  It would be more neutral.  Also, you could sift the
clay through a very fine mesh net or cheesecloth, then do so again when
harvesting.  I haven't tried this with tubifex, but have had some luck with
bloodworms in potting soil that was washed through a nylon stocking.  It gave
rise to a very fine, very easily disturbed bottom in the bucket I used.  I
could then pour the bucket through a clean nylon, wash thoroughly back into
the bucket, and I had the bloodworms.  I just never attracted enough adult
flies to get a decent output.

Bob Dixon