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Collecting wild fruit flies

Hello George/all

  The way I have collected wild fruit flies is with a trap.  It is 
constructed with a funnel (the top cut of a pop bottle) inverted on to  
a jar so that it rests on the rim.  In the bottom of the jar is placed 
about 5 parts inch of instant massed potatoes, 1 part sugar and a few 
good pinches of activated yeast, add water until moist but not soupy.  

Now that the trap is set put it outside near a compost pile or fruit 
trees in the late summer (or your kitchen counter ;).  After a bunch of 
flies are in the trap, take an identical jar to the one of the trap, 
remove the funnel and place the empty jar quickly on top of the trap.  
Fruit flies are attracted to light so if there is a light source 
overhead they will fly up into the other jar.  Once most of the flies 
are in the jar put on the lid and place in the freezer.  It doesn't take 
long to collect a bunch of them for later.

Happy Hunting
Dave Lains


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